Support Management System

Manage your Service Tickets & Activities

Once a lead is transformed into a long term customer, business needs a strong and capable Support system to receive feedbacks from and remedy the problems of the customers.

BestTeck’s Support Management acts like a powerful backbone to carry your business into profitable ventures by actively coordinating the customer complaint tickets and the related activities.

Enhance Customer Satisfaction

Customers are God and you cannot disappoint God. With our dynamic support system, your customers are always satisfied as their complaints are registered, attended and solved timely in the utmost systematic and professional way.

Increase Efficiency

The tickets raised for customer complaints are stored in the database and are assigned to the support engineers in a smart manner. This eliminates any hassle and everything pans out in a smoother and efficient way. The business can focus on external matters rather than worrying about the internal ones.

Manage your Support Tickets

Take complete control of the tickets raised and support services rendered.

360' View of Leads

Keep a detailed track of all the tickets, the discrepancies to be fulfilled, the status and progress of the support and the responses already made to the clients. It helps in escalating in the working process.

Assign Tickets

Assign tickets to your Support Engineers Manually or by setting a workflow based on least occupied or round robin fashion.

Add Documents

Insert documents related to the complaints, upload photos from the client place where the engineer has been deployed for his tasks and other paperwork related to the task.

View Related Activities

Access all the other activities linked to one ticket and know the past records and entry of complaints. It helps you point out the frequency of problem and arrive on decisions accordingly.

Manage your Visits, Calls, Tasks

Manage what tasks are assigned to whom and at what pace they are being performed, note the timings and lengths of call made to the clients and the number of visit made to the task field.

Your Calendar

Know which tickets are assigned to you. A personal calendar for every support engineer is created so as to have a strict adherence to the time and task.

Add Tasks

If need be, add tasks from the client place as you proceed with the work. Track your progress of each task and the time dedicated for it.

Schedule Visits

Mark the time, date and venue of the visits as per the preference. Get timely notification and reminders before the visit is scheduled. Attend the chores when the buzz goes off.

Log Calls

Calls going in and out to solve the ticket raised can be logged into the database along with the purpose of each call.

On the Go Access With Our Mobile App

Calls going in and out to solve the ticket raised can be logged into the database along with the purpose of each call.

Add/Update Tickets on the go

While working on the field, engineers may be required to create additional tasks which can be done with the mobile application available.

Check-In & Check-Out

Track the attendance of the engineer who directly shows up at the client place as soon as he logs in his mobile. The smart tracker captures the location and time of arrival and departure.

Offline Access & Sync

The vital feature of the solution that lets to access data and information without having an internet connection as everything gets synced with the mobile app.

Daily Calendar & Notifications

The mobile application is always at your behest with the timely reminders about the tasks and the necessary visits or calls to be made to the client.

Reporting and Monitoring

Timely numbers and statistics help in evaluating performance and results. Create such reports as and when needed to measure your performance.

Ticket TAT

The Turn Around Time denotes the time spent on completion of an assigned ticket. It helps in guaging the performance of your Engineers and find bottlenecks.

Activity Report

Arrive on decisions by evaluating what activities have been performed by which personnel. Find out the frequency of success and failures.

Ticket Tracker

Track your open tickets, their assignees, their statuses and find out the activities being performed to close them.

Visit Tracker

Keep a tab on the current location of the support engineer paying visit to the task-field to make sure the timely initiation and completion of assigned tasks.

Other Features

Some of the other range of features that sets our solution apart from the others are

Contracts & Warranty

Automated check with our Integrated warranty system to find out whether the ticket raised for a product is in warranty or it needs to be routed via the Sales team.

Customer Profiling

A systematic arrangement of each complain registered by different clients is maintained. Such data helps to identify our customer servicing and improve it.

Integrated System

Attendance can be integrated with the existing HR Management System that helps to generate payroll and track the number of leaves and the trend in attendance.

Attendance Tracking

Without having to induce a punching system, track the attendance of the working personnel on field by accessing their Check-ins and Check-outs.

Customer Feedbacks

Feedbacks serve greater purpose for the life and demand of any product or service. Capturing regular feedback through various forms and questionnaires and rating systems on the web portal in effective trait of the solution.

Access Control

Determine what data can be accessed by whom. Granting authorities the control can be based on their geographical location or allotted designation.

Tailored as per:

Your Needs

BestTeck aims in delivering what is best for each individual business organization. Since the problem and its constitution vary from business to business, the solution offered are customized accordingly.

Automated Tasks

The task gets automatically moved to the upper hierarchy as soon as the lower level finishes its task. Such escalation is notified to the client via email who can know the status of the solution being prepared for them.

Customized Workflows

The solution does not follow an ad-hoc pattern while performing tasks. It moulds itself as per the need and convenience of the business’s structure and prescribes support accordingly.

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